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Sunday, September 22, 2019

SSC Stenographer 2019 Recruitment Notification Released, Download PDF

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SSC Stenographer 2019 Recruitment Notification Released

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Press Information Bureau (PIB) IAS UPSC – 16th Sep to 21st September – 2019

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Press Information Bureau (PIB) IAS UPSC – 16th to 21st September, 2019


Launch of NIRVIK – a new Export Credit Insurance Scheme (ECIS)

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Press Information Bureau (PIB) IAS UPSC – 8th Sep to 15th September – 2019

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Press Information Bureau (PIB) IAS UPSC – 8th  to 15th September, 2019


India joins the Global Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Development Hub

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Mrunal Economy 2020 Class Handouts Unacademy PDF

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Mrunal Economy 2020 Class Handout Notes – 01-11: Unacademy PDF

Now you have made up your mind to become IAS officer and looking for the books and study materials to achieve your goal. Well, you are on the right page. Now We are Sharing With You Mrunal Economy 2020 Class Handout Notes 01-11 Unacademy PDF.

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Employment News 21 September to 27 September 2019 Download pdf

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Download Employment News pdf of this week 21 September to 27 September 2019. Check latest job recruitment

Employment News pdf 01 December to 07 December 2018 download

Employment News pdf This Week - 21 September to 27 September 2019.

Hey Aspirants, its the latest for free of Employment Weekly Magazine. You can check latest job recruitment at various office/board. You can check upcoming vacancies and for this week/month. To download this employment magazine click on the link given below.

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Modern India (NCERT)-Bipin Chandra PDF Download


Please Note:Use free books for evaluation purpose only, give proper respect to authors by buying their books. Use Flipkart or Amazon to get heavy discounts on online shopping

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Daily Current Affairs, 21st September 2019

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1) International Day of Peace 21 September
•Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

•The theme for International Day of Peace 2019 is “Climate Action for Peace”. The theme draws attention to the importance of combatting climate change as a way to protect and promote peace throughout the world.

2) Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal launched ‘champions campaign’ against dengue
•Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched “Champions Campaign” to fight dengue and urged citizens to become ‘champions’ and encourage 10 friends to check their homes for mosquito larvae.  Earlier, he had also launched 10Hafte 10Baje 10Minute campaign. He had urged the Delhi residents to give 10 minutes every Sunday to check the surroundings to prevent the breeding of dengue-carrier mosquitoes.

3) DSCI, MeitY and Google India join hands for ‘Digital Payment Abhiyan’
•Nasscom’s Data Security Council of India (DSCI)  collaborated with the electronics and IT ministry (MeitY) and Google India to launch a nationwide awareness campaign ‘Digital Payment Abhiyan’.

•Communications and Electronics & IT Minister launched the campaign that will educate end-users on the benefits of making digital payments and urge them to adopt security and safety best practices. The campaign was launched at the Google for India event. To drive the campaign objectives and amplify outreach to users across all states, DSCI has onboarded various digital payments, ecosystem partners. These partners include representation from banking, card networks as well as a fin-tech segment.

4) 16th Session of the Joint Economic Commission between India-BLEU
•The 16th Session of the Joint Economic Commission (JEC) between India and Belgium Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU) was held in New Delhi. The Joint Economic Commission between India and Belgium Luxembourg Economic Union (India-BLEU) was established in 1997 and is the main vehicle for discussing bilateral economic and commercial issues.

•The importance of JEC between India and BLEU was reiterated & both sides negotiate cooperation on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, such as, transportation and logistics, renewable energy, aerospace and satellites, audio and visual industry, agro and food processing industry, life sciences, ICT(Information and communications technology), traditional medicine, Ayurveda and yoga, and tourism.

5) NTPC to build India’s biggest solar park in Gujarat
•India’s National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) plans to set up a 5-gigawatt solar park in the western state of Gujarat, which would be the biggest in the country. As the top electricity generator shifts toward cleaner energy, which is expected to cost as much as 250 billion rupees ($3.5 billion) and begin operations by 2024. The plan is part of NTPC’s aim to reduce the share of fossil fuels in the energy mix to 70% from around 96% by 2032.

6) A new book titled “Being Gandhi” by Paro Anand to mark
•A new book titled “Being Gandhi” written by award-winning author Paro Anand released. It marks the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The book, published by Harper Collins Children’s Books, explores the life events of Gandhiji.

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UPSC Mains 2019 Paper GS 2 PDF Download Held in 21 Sept, 2019

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UPSC Mains 2019 Paper GS 2 PDF Download Held in 21 Sept, 2019

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The HINDU Notes – 21st September 2019

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๐Ÿ“ฐ An independent fiscal watchdog for Parliament

A Parliament Budget Office can help drive smarter, more focused debate in the media and with the electorate

•When most people arrive at the ballot box, they vote with their gut. But getting there requires absorbing and shaping months and years of conversations, long-held opinions and ideally, hard facts and evidence.

•What is then important for our electorate and the representatives we vote for is that they have an independent, non-partisan source for these hard facts and evidence. This is particularly important for our Parliament, which controls where and how money flows into our government and our country. This body needs to be appointed not based on political allegiance or expediency, but on its expertise in budgetary, fiscal and economic matters.

•Regardless of a majority or minority government, this body serves parliamentarians equally and without prejudice. Even in a majority government, besides the few Ministers privy to expertise from the civil service, most parliamentarians do not benefit from timely access to good quality analysis on economic, fiscal or financial matters.

•This body exists in many countries around the world, going by many names but most commonly as Parliamentary Budget Offices (PBOs). These bodies help shape the debate and discourse around the state of the nation’s finances and the fiscal implications of significant proposals. The work done by PBOs naturally ends up in the public sphere; when they do, they help drive smarter, more focused debate in the media and with our electorate.

•What distinguishes India’s democracy, besides its diversity of views and opinions wrought by its size, is its ability to evolve and remain dynamic. What is gravely in danger is evidence-based discussion around important policies that affect the trajectory of our Republic, discussions which can quickly blur the line between fact and fiction.

Defence costing

•Take an example: the Rafale deal with Dassault Aviation. Part of the controversy resulted from uncertainty regarding the true lifecycle costs of the aircraft bought. In 2011, the Canadian PBO released a cost estimate for Canada’s purchase of F-35 jets. This estimate far exceeded the one presented by the Department of National Defence.

•Defence costing, typically the purview of the Defence Ministry, was a completely new area of analysis, information and research that parliamentarians could now access to hold the government to account. Besides costing policies and programmes, PBOs provide significant and sometimes the sole source of information on fiscal and economic projections.

•The role of such an office does not always mean challenging the government; it is often the case that economic and fiscal projections of a PBO and the Ministry of Finance are similar. This is unsurprising as data sources and economic methodologies for such projections are well established and uniform.

•However, without the existence of another data point, generated by an independent, non-partisan office, it is difficult for parliamentarians to ensure that these projections and estimates continue to be reliable enough for them to make decisions on.

•When these projections come into question, the Cabinet can tap the civil service for further research and analysis. Most parliamentarians do not have this luxury and may have to rely on poor quality third-party data and analysis, done without relevant expertise. This is a situation that must be avoided.

Co-existing with the AG

•A question — and a reasonable one — that often arises is the necessity of such an office when we already have an auditor general. However, this misunderstands the role the auditor general performs, which is to provide retrospective audits and analysis of the financial accounts and performance of government operations.

•These audits are often focused on the day-to-day goings on of government, and often hone in on the performance of the civil service. A PBO provides prospective, forward-looking economic and fiscal projections, as well as policy costings. This distinguishes it from an auditor general, which provides useful information, but only after the fact.

•Internationally, similar offices have been established across the world, with the most prominent being the Congressional Budget Office in the United States which provides impartial advice to both upper and lower houses of the legislature. Offices in the Netherlands, Korea, Australia and the United Kingdom have also been established for varying lengths of time. PBOs are also making an appearance in emerging economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

•In some countries, including Australia, the Netherlands, and most recently, Canada, PBOs have been playing the unique role of costing electoral platforms during an election campaign. In this period, PBOs provide independent cost estimates of electoral platform measures to political parties.

•A PBO, or a similar independent fiscal institution, will not solve all these problems but is a relatively cost-efficient way to arrive at a solution. As the process toward the Union Budget 2020 has already kicked off, it would be prudent for parliamentarians to examine the case for a PBO more deeply.

•The amount of information parliamentarians need to scrutinise in Budget documents has exponentially increased and a PBO would assist parliamentarians in this process of scrutiny.

•Legislatures across the world have witnessed an increasingly stronger executive try to wrest away its rightful power of the purse. A PBO would help resuscitate these powers that have fallen into disuse. This is why India’s Parliament and government need to work quickly and energetically to establish such an office; it is in everyone’s interests to do so.

•Varun Srivatsan works with the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer in Ottawa, Canada. The views expressed are personal and do not represent the views of any other organisation

๐Ÿ“ฐ One people, many countries

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UPSC Mains 2019 Paper GS 1 PDF Download Held in 21 Sept, 2019

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UPSC Mains 2019 Paper GS 1 PDF Download Held in 21 Sept, 2019

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