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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

National Policy for Rare Diseases 2021


 Why in news?

The Union Health and Family Welfare ministry recently approved the National Policy for Rare Diseases 2021.

What are rare diseases?

  • Rare diseases are broadly defined as diseases that infrequently occur in a population; three markers are used:
    1. the total number of people with the disease
    2. its prevalence
    3. the availability/non-availability of treatment options
  • WHO defines rare disease as often debilitating lifelong disease or disorder with a prevalence of 1 or less, per 1000 population.
  • However, different countries have their own definitions.
  • It is defined in a way to suit their specific requirements and in context of their own population, health care system and resources.
  • As per an estimate, there are 7,000 known rare diseases with an estimated 300 million patients in the world.
    • Of this, 70 million are in India.
  • They include inherited cancers, autoimmune disorders, congenital malformations, Hirschsprung’s disease, Gaucher disease, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophies and Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs).

What are the key provisions in the policy?

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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Vision IAS Prelims 2021 Test 23 With Solution in Hindi PDF


Vision IAS Prelims 2021 Test 23 With Solution in Hindi PDF

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Daily Current Affairs, 06th April 2021



1)  Nation celebrates 58th edition of National Maritime Day

•National Maritime Day in India is observed on 5 April every year. This year is the 58th edition of the National Maritime Day. The National Maritime Day is celebrated every year day to illustrate the awareness in supporting intercontinental commerce and the global economy as the most well-organized, safe and sound, environmentally responsive approach of transporting goods from one corner to another corner of the world.

2)  International Day of Sport for Development and Peace: 6 April

•The United Nations celebrates the 6th of April every year as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Sport has historically played an important role in all societies, be it in the form of competitive sport, physical activity or play. Sports also presents a natural partnership for the United Nations (UN) system.

•Sport can help promote fairness, team building, equality, inclusion and perseverance. Sport and physical activity can also help us get through times of crisis, like COVID-19, by reducing anxieties and improving physical and mental health. The professional sport also provides employment and income to many people around the world and an integral sector to the economic success of many communities and regions.

3)  World Bank approves USD 32 million project to Mizoram
•The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved a USD 32 million projects to improve management capacity and quality of health services in Mizoram. The project titled “Mizoram Health Systems Strengthening Project” will strengthen the governance and the management structure of the Mizoram Health department and its subsidiaries. This project will support the state government’s efforts to deliver quality healthcare for the poor and vulnerable and those located in remote areas.

4)  World Bank, AIIB approve loan for USD 300 million projects to Punjab
•The World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) have approved the loan for USD 300 million (about Rs 2,190 crore) canal-based drinking water projects in Punjab. The project is aimed at ensuring quality drinking water and minimise water losses for Amritsar and Ludhiana. The entire project will be co-financed by IBRD (World Bank) – USD 105 million, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – USD 105 million and the Punjab government – USD 90 million.

5)  Alfred Aho Wins the 2020 ACM Turing Award
•Lawrence Gussman Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Alfred V. Aho has won the 2020 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) A.M. Turing Award, known informally as the “Nobel Prize of computing.” Aho shares the award with his long-time collaborator Jeffrey David Ullman.

•Aho and Ullman began working together at Bell Labs in 1967 and their early efforts included developing efficient algorithms for analyzing and translating programming languages. Even when Ullman began a career in academia in 1969 while Aho remained at Bell Labs, they continued their collaboration for several decades and shaped the foundations of programming language theory and implementation, as well as algorithm design and analysis.

6)  Suman Chakraborty to get 30th GD Birla Award for Scientific Research
•Professor Suman Chakraborty has been selected for the 30th GD Birla Award for Scientific Research for his outstanding contribution to engineering science and its applications in developing technologies for affordable healthcare. He is a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur’s department of mechanical engineering.

•He is credited with establishing the first microfluidics laboratory in the framework of an academic institution in India to facilitate the study of how tiny volumes of fluids flow through small channels. Apart from being a reputable academic, Chakraborty has invented technologies that have not only been patented but also licensed to industrial houses for commercialisation.

7)  TRIFED launches “Sankalp se Siddhi”- Village and Digital Connect Drive
•Tribal Co-operative Marketing Federation of India (TRIFED) has launched Sankalp Se Siddhi – Village & Digital Connect Drive. It is a 100-day drive which was started on the 1st of April. The drive entails 150 teams visiting 10 villages each of which 10 in each region from TRIFED & State Implementation Agencies, visiting 10 villages each.

8)  Shabir Khandwawala appointed new BCCI ACU chief
•Shabir Hussein Shekhadam Khandwawala, who has served as the Gujarat Director General of Police (DGP) before, is the new BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit chief. The 70-year-old, a 1973 batch IPS officer, takes over from Ajit Singh whose tenure ended on March 31. After retiring as Gujarat DGP in late 2010, Khandwawala worked with the Essar Group as an advisor and was also part of the central government’s Lokpal Search Committee.

9)  Tashkent to host 2023 AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships
•President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Umar Kremlev during his visit to Uzbekistan officially announced that AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships will take place in Tashkent in 2023. The city of Tashkent is awarded the 2023 AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships after the successful bid presentation by the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan. The AIBA Board of Directors voted in favour of the major event candidate city.

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GS SCORE Fact File UNESCO World Heritage Sites 2020-2021 PDF


 GS SCORE Fact File UNESCO World Heritage Sites 2020-2021 PDF

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The HINDU Notes – 06th April 2021



๐Ÿ“ฐ Railways completes arch closure of Chenab bridge

The bridge will be 35 metres higher than Eiffel Tower in Paris

•The Railways on Monday said it had completed the arch closure of the 1315m Chenab bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge.

•Terming it one of the biggest civil engineering challenges faced by any project in India, the Railways added that at 359m above the river bed level, the bridge would be 35 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

•The Chenab bridge is part of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla rail link project (USBRL) and completion of the steel arch is an important construction milestone. “This was one of the most difficult part of the bridge over Chenab. This achievement is a major leap towards the completion of the 111-km-long winding stretch from Katra to Banihal,” the Railways added.

•The arch consists of steel boxes, which will be filled with concrete to improve stability.

•The bridge is being built at a cost of ₹1,486 crore and can withstand high wind speed up to 266 km per hour.

๐Ÿ“ฐ IISc, Prorigo build software to automate legal process for IP

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Insight IAS Prelims 2021 Hindi Test 1 With Solution


Insight IAS Prelims 2021 Hindi Test 1 With Solution

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Vision IAS PT 365 Social Issues Prelims 2021 PDF


Vision IAS PT 365 Social Issues Prelims 2021 PDF

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Daily Current Affairs, 05th April 2021



1)  International Mine Awareness Day: 4 April

•The United Nations’ International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action is celebrated on April 4 each year. On 8 December 2005, the General Assembly declared that 4 April of each year shall be observed as the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. It was first observed on 4 April 2006.

•This year, the United Nations will promote mine action by highlighting how “Perseverance, Partnership, and Progress” have carried the sector through this challenging year.

•The day aims to raise awareness about landmines and progress toward their eradication. “Mine action” refers to a range of efforts to clear landmines and explosive remnants of war and to mark and fence off dangerous areas. It also includes assisting victims, teaching people how to remain safe in a mine-affected environment, advocating for universal participation in international treaties related to landmines, explosive remnants of war and their victims, and destroying landmines stockpiled by governments and non-state armed groups.

2)  International Day of Conscience: 5 April

•The United Nations declares April 5 as International Day of Conscience. This day serves to remind people to self-reflect, follow their conscience, and do the right things. This Day is observed every year on 5th April and the first International Conscience Day was observed in 2020. So in the current year 2021, the second United Nations (UN) International Day of Conscience celebrations are being held across the world.

•This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of conscience and the role of conscience in stopping people from harming others orally, physically, sexually, or mentally. International Conscience Day is celebrated to highlight that everyone has self-respect and the right to live with peace and security. Anti-humanity acts are defined by scholars on this day and they are condemned so the general public would hate and avoid such acts.

3)  Dr. Harsh Vardhan approves National Policy for Rare Diseases, 2021

•Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has approved National Policy for Rare Diseases, 2021. The policy aims to lower the high cost of treatment for rare diseases, with an increased focus on indigenous research & local production of medicines. The Policy also focuses on early screening and prevention through primary and secondary health care infrastructure such as Health and Wellness Centres and District Early Intervention Centres.

•A provision for financial support up to Rs.20 lakh under the Umbrella Scheme of Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi is proposed for treatment of those rare diseases that require a one-time treatment (diseases listed under Group 1 in the policy). Benefits to be extended to about 40% of the population eligible under PM Jan Arogya Yojana. 

4)  J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurates Tulip Festival

•In the Kashmir Valley, Tulip Festival in Srinagar was inaugurated by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha. Over 15 lakh flowers of more than 64 varieties are in full bloom on the foothills of the Zabarwan Mountains. The five-day-long Tulip Festival in Asia’s largest tulip garden at the foothills of Zabarwan hills on the banks of world-famous Dal Lake in Srinagar.

5)  Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan Receives Kalinga Ratna Samman

•Odisha-born Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan received the Kalinga Ratna Samman for 2021. Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu conferred Biswabhusan with the prestigious award in Cuttack on the occasion of the 40th annual day of the Sarala Sahitya Sansad at the Sarala Bhawan. The Kalinga Ratna Samman carries a silver idol of Goddess Saraswati, a copper plaque and a shawl.

6)  India’s biggest floating solar power plant to be set up in Telangana

•The biggest floating solar power plant in India is to be set up at Ramagundam in Telangana. It is expected to be opened in May 2021. The cost of the project has been estimated as Rs 423 crores. The power plant will have 4.5 lakh photovoltaic panels.

7)  Rajasthan becomes the 1st state to provide free health insurance to all

•Rajasthan becomes the first state in the country where the state government is providing free health insurance facility to all the citizens of the state. This plan was announced by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in the state budget of 2021-22.  The State began the registration for its cashless ‘mediclaim’ scheme Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme.

8)  Russia registers world’s 1st Covid vaccine Carnivac-Cov for animals

•The world’s first animal vaccine against the novel coronavirus has been registered in Russia, the country’s agriculture safety watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor. The vaccine for animals, developed by a unit of Rosselkhoznadzor (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance), was named Carnivac-Cov. 

•The immunity lasts for six months after the vaccination, but the dose’s developers are continuing to analyse this. The use of this vaccine, as per Russian scientists, can prevent the development of virus mutations. The use of this vaccine, as per Russian scientists, can prevent the development of virus mutations. It is the world’s first and only product for preventing Covid-19 in animals.

9)  PhonePe becomes 1st player to cross billion-transaction mark on UPI

•Bengaluru-based digital payments and financial services company, PhonePe has become the first company to cross one billion transactions on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) infrastructure. The company achieved the feat in March 2021, when the total transactions clocked around 1.3 billion on its platform, across the payment instruments offering of wallet, cards as well as UPI.

•PhonePe, which first achieved market leadership on UPI in December, last year, has seen its transaction count grow steadily, on the back of rising merchant payments. Overall UPI transactions processed by PhonePe grew from 902.03 million in December 2020 to 975.53 million in February 2021.

10)  A book titled ‘Manohar Parrikar: Brilliant Mind, Simple Life’ by Nitin Gokhale

•A new book titled ‘Manohar Parrikar: Brilliant Mind, Simple Life’ authored by Nitin Gokhale was released. The book is published by Bloomsbury. It is an attempt to capture Parrikar’s persona — the man, the politician and the patriot. Gokhale is a renowned author, media trainer and founder of a specialised defence related website and

•Through this book, the author presents the journey of the contribution of Parrikar to nation-building and his service to the Goan society, from being an IIT student to a social worker and to India’s defence minister. The book is a tribute to Parrikar, India’s former defence minister and four-time chief minister of Goa, the first IIT-ian to become a chief minister.

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The HINDU Notes – 05th April 2021



๐Ÿ“ฐ Employer can reject candidate acquitted of serious crime: SC:


•The Supreme Court has held that a public employer can reject a candidate as unsuitable if he had, in the past, been acquitted of a serious crime merely on the benefit of doubt.

What has the court said?

1.The mere fact of an acquittal would not suffice but rather it would depend on whether it is a clean acquittal based on total absence of evidence or in the criminal jurisprudence requiring the case to be proved beyond reasonable doubt, that parameter having not been met, benefit of doubt has been granted to the accused.
2.An acquittal on the benefit of doubt is quite different from an honourable acquittal. A person should be honourably acquitted of a heinous crime to be considered eligible for public employment.
3.Besides, acquittal in a criminal case does not automatically entitle a candidate for appointment to the post.

Honourably acquitted:

•An accused who is acquitted after full consideration of the prosecution evidence and prosecution has miserably failed to prove the charges levelled against the accused, it can possibly be said that the accused was honourably acquitted.


•The case concerned a man acquitted of murder after witnesses turned hostile in Rajasthan in 2009. He was part of a group of people who ran a tractor over a woman and later knifed people who tried to resist them.

๐Ÿ“ฐ A good start: On rare diseases and government support for treatment

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