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Friday, March 27, 2020

How much time is needed to prepare for UPSC?

Obviously it depends on person to person.
But let me give some data to give you some idea.
If you just read the syllabus in the notification, you can feel that, it atleast takes 1 and half year to prepare. And if you want to revise, it takes extra time for it. Also we need to practice Answer writing for this exam, which would be very essential for clearing the exam.
Here are some tips to decrease that time. Join a coaching center. They have a tight schedule and be regular. They have planned it already for you and will implement themselves, you just need to follow the flow. The key will be self study here, as the compress the time, many things miss out. So you need to self study regularly and keep up to date with the schedule. In this way you can complete the mains syllabus in 8 or 10 months depends on the coaching center. Then optional preparation takes additional time like 2 dedicated months.
If you are a very intelligent individual or can't afford coaching, and decided to just study on your own without joining a coaching center, you follow some online websites and book referred by them. This may take a year in any manner, since a lots of revision and practice are to be done
Coming to number of hours you read per day. It really matters and keep them as long as possible. Even if you are working or still a student in another university, try to study as long as possible in a day. 4 hours should be minimum. Or else you will regret while revision. Not too long that you feel so pressure and stop preparation. Balance it with your passion for your exam and take breaks. Don't let breaks over take your will and extend breaks, you have to control your time.
Some suggestions:
Know the syllabus by heart.
Then estimate the time you required for each topic.
Devise an rough plan for your entire preparation at the beginning. Don't forget to include writing skill in your preparation process. Daily or weekly, give Some time to it.
But only plan for the coming month in very detail. Try to follow it to date.
Read about procrastinating and delayed gratification before you Start preparation. They say what traits you should avoid.
By now you might know what important books are. So start doing one by one. But plan ahead what you are going to do when.