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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

International Relation Updated Notes Download (Shubhra Ranjan IAS)


02. Climate change PARIS Agreement

03. Europe – France Germany UK Commonwealth Nordics GDPR India-EU BTIA BREXIT EU challenges NATO

04. India – Latin America relations

05. India Afgaistan Relations

06. India Africa Relations

07. India Bangladesh Relations

08. India Bhutan Relations

09. India Iran Relations

10. India Japan Relations

11.  India Russia Relations

12.  India US Relations

13.  India-Maldives relations

14. India-Nepal Relations 

15. India-Sri Lanka relations

16. Indo-Pacific and Quad

17. Israel and Palestine

18. Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) 

19. NUCLEAR Doctrine, India and non-proliferation export control regimes, NPT (50 years of NPT) and CTBT, UN TPNW 2017, 20 Years of Pokhran, 10 Years of Indo-US Nuclear Deal 

20.  SAARC 

21. Vision of a new World Order 

22. World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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