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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Important topics for Prelims, 2019 as Suggested by Kajal Jawla(AIR Rank 28)

1. National Register of Citizens – Assam
2. China’s lunar probe for far side of the moon – Chang’e
3. Virtual ID for Aadhar
 4. Budapest Convention on Cyber security
5. INSV Tarini
6. RBI Autonomy
7. Election commission and electoral bonds
8. Blue bonds 

9.Society for Worldwide Interback Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT
10.Supreme Court Collegium
11.Strategy for new India @ 75
12.Polar vortex

13.Disaster Management and NDRF mandate
14.Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill and extradition
15.KALIA/ PM-KISAN and Rythu Bandhu schemes
16.Universal Basic Income
17.Iran, New Zealand – geography and neighbouring countries
18.UNSC 1267 and 2232
19.Kyasanur Forest Disease and zoonotics
20.Jallian wala bagh tragedy
21.Mahatma Gandhi’s initial years in India
22.E-way bill
23.Mankidia, Sentinelese tribes
24.PM-AASA (Anndata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan)
25.Bharat Ratna awards

27.Convention on Conservation of migratory species of birds
28.No confidence motions
29.Blue Flag certification
30.UNFCCC at Katowice Poland ©Jatin Verma
31.Harrapan civilization
32.Tipu Sultan and Anglo Mysore wars
33.PM Shram Yogi Maan-dhan Yojana
34.Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty
35.Fifth and Sixth Schedules of the Indian Constitution
36.Criteria for bills lapsing/ not lapsing in the Houses of Parliament

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