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Friday, November 01, 2019

Top Scholarships for Indian Students

A Sorry State

Asians and in particular Indians are known to have very share brains and have put forward a very strong effort in the field of Education over the centuries. Still if you compare education rates of all countries in the world today, India in particular will lag behind in many aspects. This is not because the students who are studying in India are lacking any sort of talent for becoming good educational products, but the fact remains that for obtaining good education in India, you needto have good amount of money as well behind you so that you can invest in your education. The government’s have not worked up very well in this regard because if they would have done so then the institutions would have been so much better in their functioning that no student would have required to migrate into the private set up for Education which is actually a oioneer in the education sector in India today something which is opposite in most of the developed countries

Migration is better

This is this fact only that has promoted many of the Indian students to think and then imply that if they have to spend this amount of money into their education then they might as well go abroad and study at the same cost because after they complete their education in other countries the quality of life, which they will enjoy in that country will be better than their own country surely.
Ever since India has gained independence and has been declared a democracy governments have come and gone in the country but nothing serious has been done for elevating the standards of Education in the country and making it equal for all. The standards of Education are such that if the fee is low then they are also on the lower side. This is a common phenomenon that you can easily spot on any of the higher education institutions across the country. There are students who are wanting to study but due to lack of funds they have to get into working very young in their life and hence are not able to fulfil their dreams. Now many scholarships which have also been started by the government’s for these sort of students. But this monetary help has not been enough as can be seen through various figures and facts that are put forward to the citizens in every years' official figures.

Vidyasiri scholarship

Vidyasiri ScholarshipIs a scholarship which was launched by the government of Karnataka many years back for the upliftment of the marginalized sections of society. As for the scholarship scheme the department of backward societies of the government of Karnataka had set up funds for this Vidya Siri scholarship. In the purview of this scholarship the students who belong to the OBC and SC category will be provided educational funds up to higher education level.

Sahitya Kala AkademiScholarships

Sahitya Kala Akademi is the most prominent institution in India today that has been working since ages for the betterment of liberal arts profession in the country. As part of their upliftment program The Academy has worked towards enhancing education sector in the field of liberal arts. For the same purpose the academy has started sponsorship to desirable and deserving candidates where they will be provided with funds to complete their education in the field of any discipline in Liberal Arts.

The National Means Cum Merit Scholarship

The National Means Cum Merit Scholarship was launched in the year 1995 by the ministry of human resource development under the government of India. The scholarship is meant for those students who are belonging to poor and low economic backgrounds, but have shown to have unparalleled merit in their respective fields andThe scholarship aims to provide them with the required money for continuing their education.

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