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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Best Tips to Prepare English for SSC CHSL exam 2018-19!

One of the important and easiest subjects of SSC CHSL exam is the English language section. You can easily score plenty of marks as compared to other subjects as it is the least time-consuming. Just hold the basic knowledge of the language and then scoring marks in this subject will not be a daunting task for you.

The first and the most important step towards the preparation of SSC CHSL exam 2018-19 is to completely understand the prerequisites for the examination. Start the preparation by knowing the complete syllabus, exam pattern and preparation strategies to score brilliantly in the recruitment exam. Here we have shared some of the important topics and preparation tips and strategies for SSC CHSL English Language Section.

Tips to Prepare English for SSC CHSL 2018-19

To fill the various posts in Ministries/Departments/ Organization of Government of India, SSC conducts recruitment exam for SSC CHSL every year. Online application form for SSC CHSL exam 2018-19 will start from 19th January 2019. In order to crack the SSC CHSL exam, you need to follow a smart and effective strategy.

This English section is further, divided into three categories:
1. Reading Comprehension
2. Questions related to Vocabulary
3.  Questions related to Grammar

Let’s look at the topic-wise weightage of marks in SSC CHSL English Section.
Number of Questions
Asked in 2016
Number of Questions
Asked in 2017
Sentence Improvement
Cloze Test
Spotting Errors
Idioms & Phrases
One Word Substitution
Reading Comprehension
Spelling Correction
Fill in the Blanks

Now, let’s discuss each topic from the English Language section in detail below:

1. Idioms & Phrases
It is tough to prepare this topic as remembering so many Idioms and Phrases is not an easy task. So, for that read all the questions from this topic which are asked in previous year question papers.

2.  Sentence Correction
You need to have strong basics of Grammar for this topic as questions are based on Tenses, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjectives, Article, Participle. Identify the differences among the choices and eliminate those options which are less effective and grammatically incorrect alternatives.

3.  One Word Substitution
The topic is entirely based on vocabulary. Reading newspaper and the editorial page of any good English newspaper and exploring new word every day can be really beneficial for you. Solve mock test and previous year question papers to get the idea about the questions which are asked in the exam.

4.  Spelling Correction
Scoring on this topic is very easy, you just need to learn some basic rules of spelling errors. These rules are very important in the understanding the usage of spellings in English Grammar.

5. Reading Comprehension
To crack this chapter, you need a lot of practice of reading the comprehension. Make a habit of reading the comprehension daily and fetching maximum marks from it.

6. Spotting Error
Grammar is the key to score good marks in this topic. While reading the sentence, check the subject-verb agreement. If you still not able to find the right answer, read the individual part of the part of the sentence. Practice questions from previous year question paper.

7. Fill in the Blanks
Read the statement carefully before answering the question. You can use the elimination process as well and check which option fits best with the statement. After selecting the option, ensure that the work you have inserted in the blank enables to read the sentence smoothly.

8. Antonyms & Synonyms
Improve your vocabulary which will surely help you in scoring good marks in this section. Learn new words on everyday basis with their meaning.

9. Cloze Test
Mostly all the sentences are logically related to each other in the passage. The logic will help you in getting the idea of an appropriate word for the blank. Try to find the positive and negative word as this will help you in getting the right answer.

10. Reading Comprehension
Identify the tone of the paragraph, then read the questions and lastly read the first and last paragraph thoroughly. Practice more questions as that will enhance your speed and accuracy.

Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL English Section 2018-19

     Take a printout of Exam pattern and Syllabus and prepare accordingly for the exam.
     Make sure you don’t skip any of the important topics of the section and prepare questions from them.
     Collect the standard books for SSC CHSL preparation and don’t follow random books and instead follow standard books recommended for the preparation of the exam.Some of the standard books are:
     Arihant Publications
     English for General Competitions from Plinth to Paramount (Volume 1)- Neetu Singh (KD Publications)
     English for General Competitions (Volume 2)- Neetu Singh (KD Publications)
     Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
     Objective General English by SP Bakshi
     High School English Grammar by Wren and Martin

     You can easily crack the English section if you have a good hold of the vocabulary. Read newspapers every day and focus on the vocabulary part and learn new words along with their meaning.
     Solve questions from quizzes. Solving English quizzes and mocks will be extremely helpful for you to get familiar with the exam pattern of SSC CHSL exam 2018-19.
     Focus on grammar part while reading, writing or talking as that will provide you major benefit in your SSC CHSL exam.

These were some of the best tips and strategies for you to score higher marks in the English section of SSC CHSL exam. We hope you find the above-mentioned information useful and will be able to score good marks in the SSC CHSL exam.

For more information or query regarding important tips of English Section of SSC CHSL exam, post your comment in the comment section below.

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