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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How to Choose a Free Portable Browser

In this article, we are going to provide you a list of the best free portable web browsers for Windows. The best thing about these browsers is that you can use them without installing on your computer. It is very convenient to have a web browser, which you can carry on any portable storage device. It is the best solution for people who are always on the go. All mentioned portable browsers match the standard versions entirely in terms of performance and useful features.

Do not think that portable web browsers are limited with the standard features like bookmarks, private mode, history, extensions, or multi-tab interface. They have even some extra features such as VPNs, cloud sync, ad-blocker, vertical tab, battery saver, etc. The speed of browsing is excellent.

Here are the best portable web browsers you can try:

Mozilla Firefox Portable

If you are looking for a reliable and fast browser, consider using Mozilla Firefox Portable, which you can run from a cloud folder, local folder, or external drive. There is no need to install a portable browser version into Windows. A portable version of Mozilla Firefox is a fast and full-featured web browser. You will be impressed by how easy it is to use. It is packed with numerous excellent features like popup-blocking, integrated search, tabbed-browsing, privacy features, regular updates, etc. Additionally, the launcher has been bundled in the Firefox Portable version not to leave traces of your personal information behind on the machine. You can carry your favorite web browser along with your favorite bookmarks/extensions with you.


Chrome is one of the most favorite portable browsers. One of the reasons for such enormous popularity is its Chrome web store, which has a lot of useful extensions for enhancing the functionality of your browser. Its performance is excellent, but to tell the truth, all mainstream portable web browsers are similar in terms of user interface and stability.
A portable version of Chrome is free. Users can carry it on a flash drive or any other portable device. The main advantages of Chrome Portable are the web store and an intuitive interface. It can open many at the same time without crashing or losing performance. Users get access to features like bookmarks, private mode, history saver, extension support, and many others. Additionally, a portable version contains such features as Cloud Sync, ScreenCast, and Mute Tab.

Opera Portable Browser

Opera Portable Browser is another good option for people who want to keep their browser on a portative device or online storage. Opera portative browser can be easily used by connecting the storage device to your Windows PC. While using your new portative browser, you can visit any website in an open or incognito mode. You get access to the standard features: bookmarks/ multiple tab interface/extensions support. It also has some additional features, which only a few web browsers have: VPN support with a virtual private network for boosting your security and privacy, Speed Dial for quickly accessing the associated websites, Sidebar to access social media platforms like Facebook Messenger/Telegram/Whatsapp, Adblocker for getting rid of pop-ups, and finally Battery Saver. As you can see, this web browser has all that you need on the go.


Not so many people know about Chromium, which is a great and absolutely free open source portable web browser for Windows. It is a unique project behind Google Chrome. If you check its interface and performance, they are identical with Chrome. Besides, users can visit the Chrome store for installing extensions on it. Users who choose this portable browser can surf online, download any kind of content, add extensions, save bookmarks, consume media, track history, etc. You will appreciate such extra features as a private mode for browsing, Cloud Sync, ScreenCast, Onscreen shortcuts. You will love its excellent performance and regular updates. Surely, Chromium is a stable and safe web browser.


The web browser Maxthon is a powerful software for Windows, which comes as both portable and non-portable versions. If you choose a portable version, you can it around on a flash drive and use on any Windows PC without installation. You will find the following features useful: Cloud Sync, Dual Core, Resource Sniffer, Magic Fill, and other handy tools.


As you can see, there are many great portable versions of web browsers. You can test all of them to see which one fits your specific needs. All described options show stunning results in performance and usability for you to have no unpleasant surprises while working on your PC.

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